Vidya Lakshmi

Goddess Vidya Lakshmi

In this for the Mother is four-armed, in white garments, carries two lotuses, other two hands depicting abhaya mudra and varada mudra. Vidya is education. Education is not mere studies, but divine education also. Serenity, Regularity, Absence of Vanity, Sincerity, Simplicity, Veracity, Equanimity, Fixity, Non-irritability, Adaptability Humility, Tenacity, Integrity, Nobility, Magnanimity, Charity, Generosity and Purity are the eighteen qualities imbibed through proper education that only can give immortality. Vidya Lakshmi is the understanding and the knowledge to mould the ordinary life into the Divine Life. A life of Service, a life of feeling for a fellow being, a life of charity and generosity, a life of purity, a life for seeking a soul within the soul and a life with an ultimate aim of the realisation of the ABSOLUTE is the only real education, which can come only with the grace of Vidya Lakshmi.